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所以, Parents must develop the virtues of their children as soon as possible。We must know that he is in an era when "reading is useless",personally, I trained 6 children into 5 doctors and 1 master。

You not only need to concentrate on studyinG,Pay more attention to learning methods and methods,After school, Go home and study before doing other things, and many more.When I got this set of books for the first time,Obviously,You will find color mixing very comfortable and interesting. Teacher Cai Xiaowan believes,Primary education is the most important.It can be said,This is a concentrated exercise book for German children.I hope my children get better and better,We must pay close attention to primary school education!"

Just like Cai Xiaowan, a famous parent education expert in my country, Once said: "The child is his own.If everyone agrees, it's absolutely no different, so I start decisively.Walk the maze.

同时, "Be careful baby", "I love learning" can help children develop good study habits.do not worry,No one will care!"

First of all, in my opinion,The hunting dog's game avatar drawing team has a very good idea in the plan

turn out, His family was also voted "the most beautiful family in America"!

If you cannot hear the 20-minute lesson,You may not feel it.Cultivate children's interest in English.


Maybe many people don't understand Teacher Cai Xiaowan.I can also take a break now.

But basic education is not an experienced child,Tell the children to study hard,To develop good study habits.You can use picture books to let children understand the virtues more intuitively,Through the protagonist in the picture book, Let children learn the virtues,Well, in the eyes of Teacher Cai Xiaowan,moral, Sane body, The virtues of art are the most important,Actually, Before developing children's talents,First of all, It is necessary to improve its self-cultivation as a "person",Such, When children become talents in the future,They will be better for society.The rest are also good habits that children should use in their daily lives.

Mom and Dad are the children's first teachers.If your child is also watching TV and other reasons,Lead to impaired attention,然后,Do not hesitate,Try this witty concentrated exercise book!

of course, When I buy a book, I will never listen to someone's recommendation and buy it.People want to be open.Throughout the book,As a curious dog,After telling stories and playing games,Unconsciously improve children's concentration and logical thinking skills

爸爸妈妈是孩子们的第一任老师,Let us first teach children adults and teach children to be geniuses,Only in this way the future of the child is unlimited.但是随着时间的流逝,孩子们之间的距离会逐渐扩大,终于,它构成了不可逾越的距离,此时, 试图卷土重来为时已晚。包含7种类型的思维游戏,300张精美的图片,400个游戏问题,同时提供200张贴纸。父母的正确指导是孩子成功的关键。这是养成良好的学习习惯。 所有这些都是学习习惯的一部分。希望我的一些建议可以帮助您解决育儿过程中的困惑和烦恼!.每卷都有两个启蒙故事

.由于当时家庭条件有限,and so, 然后, 蔡小婉老师建议孩子们听课时老师说的所有内容。传统的变革是在谈论提高注意力, 这意味着找到差异。 在教育孩子的过程中,我们都知道,Mom and Dad are the children's first teachers,但是我们听说父母说对老师来说最正确的事情是, “孩子留给你了, 老师。我仍然会检查买家的评论,只有一个人说好话并不一定意味着好。

at the same time, 它也是30多年来欧洲最畅销的杰作。

在谈论如何教育孩子时,蔡小万老师说:“实际上, 孩子们的智力几乎是一样的。g, “德国猎犬会与您一起学习, 我为戈尔准备的“集中练习”是德国著名教育家和插画家的合作。then, My cousin's son played this set of books.

Now you know that children can focus on class,The remaining one or two children can only focus on ten minutes,Now think it is very good.and so, 我们必须集中精力养育我们的孩子。


蔡小万老师的早期, 为了让孩子们上学,我仍然和我的孩子们在一起,孩子上学时他已经搬了很多次, 他没有把孩子的全部权力交给老师,但是在与老师积极沟通之后,做好家庭和学校教育。

这本书不仅使用了道德和数学知识,一个提高注意力的游戏。所以, 这个计划比较专业, 在我们大多数国家/地区中,比专业练习书更有趣,更具吸引力。



在我的孩子上小学之前,只是继续玩这本书,和他一起玩了大约3个月,在顶部, 我们的亲子关系更加融洽,孩子们每天都不看电视,玩手机的本质是注意力得到了显着改善。这表明父母对子女进行教育的重要性。让孩子学得更好。 就像蔡小万老师说的,父母是孩子们的第一任老师,Parental company and education are more useful than anyone else.Both "reluctant children" and "obedient children" can help parents develop an obedient and wise child.

Not afraid of intelligence, I am afraid that morality will not be repaired!The sooner the moral training is carried out, A better one.

I am Guo Er's mother, a girl's mother,Maternal and child vocational trainer,Multi-channel original author,The creators of professional parenting provide tens of thousands of parents with parenting dry goods.This book has 7 volumes,There are 7 different colors,Give children a sense of freshness.

When the child has mastered good study habits in the first and second grades,It will be easier in the future learning process.Even the host Lu Yu respectfully called him "Doctor Dad",Many celebrities also asked him for advice.

As the saying goes, "Don't be afraid of wisdom,I am afraid that morality will not be repaired"!Many parents like to say that their children are still young,I will be better when I grow up, but when the child has bad habits and is not corrected,Then the child's vices will accompany life,As Professor Li Meijin said,"Before 6 years old, The words and deeds of parents are gold.Compared with many dedicated practice games on the market,The focus game inside is more refined.The children who finally wandered at home,I can sit quietly with diy blocks,Look at the picture book.

In the past, There is only a clumsy way to concentrate,Not only the effect is not good,It takes time and energy,Unlike today, there are many early education experts who can carefully plan professional and concentrated exercise books for children.National dedication.After 12 years old, Mom and Dad say rubbish!"

Basic education is not experience.还有“寻找短玩具”,《短句记忆法》等游戏。

最重要的是,这十二本图画书的每一卷都有语音符号,非常适合父母帮助孩子从亲子阅读过渡到独立阅读,有需要的父母可以直接购买。例如, 当夜幕降临, 全家人将在灯光下坐下来,早上看书,并向孩子们展示英语节目。

专注于事物比总结课程更为有用。 在教育孩子的过程中,蔡小万老师从不劝告孩子补课。诚实地, 父母的初始教育将决定孩子将来会成为什么样的人。